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Costa Rica’s coffee is well known, but have you ever tasted a coffee all cultivated, processed, and professionally roasted in its country of origin?  

Dare to explore this excellent single-origin coffee. You will never be the same coffee lover.

Fresh roast, traceable coffee

This is not just about good coffee; we transcend blend offers. Committed to real traceable Costa Rican coffee and open the opportunity to taste delicious coffee directly from the coffee farms and work with local micro-roasters bringing you a unique Costa Rican coffee experience. 

Why Costa Rican Coffee?

We could give you many reasons to choose coffee from this small but beautiful country. But its history, high-quality standards, unique flavors, and environmental commitment make every Costa Rican coffee cup worth it. Read and taste! 


Costa Rica has been growing coffee for more than 200 years. We had coffee plants in our backyards before our first day as an independent nation. 

We have generations of coffee farmers with the expertise and focus on cultivating high-quality coffee since the 1800s when using a colorful oxcart to transport the coffee to the shipping port on the Pacific Coast.

Quality over quantity

Costa Rica produces less than 1% of world coffee production. Local farmers choose to improve their processes to get a high-quality coffee that stands out in the international coffee market. 

Costa Rican coffee farms only cultivate Coffea Arabica. They only use the manual harvest to ensure the optimal ripening point of the coffee cherries.

The most exclusive coffee buyers pay record prices for unique and awarded micro-lots every year in events like the Cup of Excellence auction.

Unique flavors

Central American coffees are famous for their coffee taste profile. Costa Rican coffee has a unique distinction because of its clean cup, intense aroma, cacao, and fruity notes. Overall, its excellent and juicy acidity will fill your mouth and seal the fantastic experience of tasting a cup of our coffee.  

But Costa Rica not only has one coffee flavor profile. Because of its particular topography, different soil types, and microclimates, we can find other coffee profiles that enhance one or another sensory element: kind of acidity, body, roundness, complexity.


Small coffee farmers are the majority (92% of coffee farms have less than 12 acres of cultivated land*). And they are aware of taking care of the environment, which is the key to the future of coffee. 

According to this, most farms implement excellent and sustainable practices such as shade from different trees, agrochemical management, protection of water sources, soil
ecological protection, and minimal water use at the mills. 

They also are aware of climate change and its consequences. Coffee farms live with climate change every day. Because of this, the sector is working on mitigation practices and reducing its carbon footprint. 

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Ready to have delicious coffee in your home or office?  We have carefully selected the best of Costa Rica’s coffee from small farms and micro-roasters.  Coffee from different farms, altitudes, varieties, and mill processes. And they are only one click away from your home or office.