Best local brands for specialty coffee on your table.

MENHERZ will bring you home individual or subscription to tasty one of the most renowned coffees in the world.

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Why our Costa Rica coffee so special?

Tengo quedescriber los niveles de taza de excelencia, resultados internacionales,laboratorio de ICAFE o CICAFE, compradores asiáticos que adquieren antes de lacosecha todo un microlote.

Discover the gem!

Discover the gem refers to the hidden gem, most of the coffee in other countries, is a blend of different zones, but there is a true value in a single terroir is the flavor; an effort from local producers, farmers, small mill owners, roasters, trying to show their product to the world.

MENHERZ promiseis to pay for quality, the better the coffee, the more we pay, to the local business in Costa Rica, and deliver around the world. Oftentimes this is a multiple of Fair-Trade Pricing. It's the only incentive to establish sustainability and quality. All our coffees are fresh in season and fully traceable.

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