Why Must You Jump to a Better Coffee?

Why Must You Jump to a Better Coffee?

Drinking Coffee is an everyday basic for millions. Most of us cannot imagine our breakfast without that aromatic cup. Or that morning rush without a mandatory caffeine shot.

According to the National Coffee Association of USA report, sixty-two percent of Americans drink coffee daily. The average American coffee drinker sips over 3 cups per day. 

Even if you don't live in the USA, you could probably identify yourself with these options:

  • You drink coffee with breakfast to get ready and begin the day.
  • Coffee is essential for the mid-morning break; sometimes, you drink it before your computer.
  • You cannot decline to fill your mug with this faithful companion to finish your workday.

Some of us drink filtered Coffee, others a strong espresso and others prefer the convenient single-cup cappuccino machines. No matter the method, Coffee is always present.

But still, as coffee lovers, we could miss some significant aspects of Coffee that will impact our daily coffee flavor.

Coffee is Coffee, proper? Caffeine is a Shot

Traditionally, and around the world, there is a preconceived coffee flavor definition: black, bitter, and pungent. And every Coffee tastes the same.  

This definition comes from the massive commercial coffee market until the 1800s. Coffee was an exclusive ritual for some European people—an exotic product from the Arabic world. But coffee consumption increased and attracted companies that transformed Coffee into an essential and accessible product for every home.

Of course, quality decreased while quantity (and profits) increased exponentially. The coffee industry chose to buy low-quality Coffee.

They began to use the dark roast to hide flavor defects (high astringency, mold, woody notes). The characteristics of this kind of roast profile are burnt caramel, carbon, bitterness, and the black color that we all know.

Another consequence of this first "wave" of Coffee was our minimum criteria to evaluate coffee quality beyond the brand or the package's appearance. Most of us didn't stop to think about our daily coffee quality.

So, maybe we aren't aware that a better coffee is waiting for us.

A revolution of Coffee began in recent years: now we have the opportunity to drink a different coffee, a traceable, high quality, and respectful Coffee that breaks with all flavor misconceptions.

You must dare and change to an excellent coffee to discover and enjoy it!

Let us give you some reasons to motivate you. 

Better Coffee = better health benefits

We will discuss it later in this blog, but good Coffee has many benefits for your health, such as your workout routines and concentration; Coffee has antioxidants! Don't be confused; we talk only about good Coffee.

 Better coffee= better flavor!

If Coffee is not bitter and pungent, which is its flavor? High-quality Coffee is another thing. We could discuss its thousands of possibilities (depending on origin, variety, and drying process). But indeed, we could say that good Coffee is not bitter but slightly sweet, not burnt, but with caramel, cacao, or nutty flavor notes—a highly aromatic cup with subtle and juicy acidity. 

Better coffee= honest purchase and consumption

Traceability. One of the strengths of high-quality Coffee: it is traceable to its origin. Traceability is a requisite to ensure that a product is cultivated and processed carefully. Traceability also allows consumers to empower and support the value chain back to the coffee farms and the people behind that spectacular cup of Coffee. 

Better Coffee is now available!

It's the main reason you must shift to a better coffee. All these health, flavor, and traceable benefits are now reachable to you. Coffee culture is not just for exclusive strata anymore. Small coffee farmers, specialty coffee roasters, and baristas; have joined forces to expand the consumption of good Coffee worldwide.

Any coffee lover can get high-quality Coffee and experience a new morning wake-up drink.

And we can guarantee this: you'll never return to lousy Coffee again.