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We are from Costa Rica and love to share our fantastic coffee: the excellent quality and traceable single-origin coffee, directly from small coffee farmers and local micro-roasters. 

Menherz’s name is the result of both company founders' last names: Méndez and Hernández.  Since 2021 we have put our passions together: Costa Rica and good coffee. We decided to bring you a delightful selection of high-quality coffee that will transport you to our exuberant landscapes and pleasant weather.

We believe in the value of a premium product made entirely in Costa Rica. The country has the perfect conditions for coffee plants, farmers, and their incredible expertise. Still, it also has fantastic local roasters who bring up all the exquisite flavor notes of the best coffee lots in every season.  

Bringing you fresh roast specialty coffee promotes this vibrant and growing coffee chain because, with your purchase, you will give support to all the hands involved, from farm to roastery. And, of course, you will receive an excellent coffee experience in return.  

That's why our commitment is to pay for quality; the better the coffee, the more we yield to local roasters and farmers. We are not using just one Fair-Trade pricing; we want to be part of a sustainable chain of coffee, preserving all good qualities of freshness and traceable products every time.

Our goal is to offer to every coffee lover a journey to Costa Rican specialty coffee. We are guided by quality but also, we would like to give you a wide concept of all Costa Rican flavor profiles. This country has an interesting range of flavor notes that surely will not exclude the most particular customer; in fact, you will be motivated to know more and discover the gem.