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Any coffee lover wants to drink a better cup of Coffee every day. One more similar to that great Coffee they drink at that fancy coffee shop. Sometimes we may think we need to be a barista or coffee expert to brew a perfect coffee. Still, the truth is that just a few adjustments in your daily coffee routine will make the difference between a flavorless coffee and a stimulating and aromatic beverage. Also, following this coffee advice will allow you to replicate an excellent daily performance. Ready to become a home barista?

There is something travelers love about Costa Rica: we have a wide variety of touristic options to offer; there are mountains, valleys, beaches, forests, towns, rain, cold, warmth, and sun. And there are many reasons why this is possible.

This tiny Central American country is in the middle of the tropic; we have two coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica is volcanic land, and its landscape is irregular, with several mountain ranges, valleys, and plains. Consequently, you can find sunny and dry weather at some point, and just a few miles away, you can walk into a wet rainforest.

What does this have to do with Coffee?